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Kids Can Cook Academy

Meet Chef Dianne Linderman

I love the kitchen and I love kids. Not only is it the place where delicious things happen, but it’s the heart of the home where families gather to talk, cook, and eat together. If there’s a child in your family, I’ll bet he or she has popped into the kitchen before mealtime asking, “Whatcha making?” and “Can I help?” I can’t wait to meet those kids and share real homestyle, made from scratch and with love, simple, healthy recipes, and show them where their food comes from with our incredible Ranch Adventure.

First classes begin June 8, 2019

Kids Can Cook Academy will provide a four-hour session including two meals, all ingredients, chef’s hat, supplies for herb garden, ranch adventure, instruction with lots of hands-on experience, and fun!

How it works

Young chefs will arrive at 8:30 a.m. sharp at the Academy Kitchen located on our beautiful 45-acre Great American Lone Star Ranch in Stephenville, Texas.

Kids Can Cook Academy

Kids Can Cook AcademyThey will put on aprons, wash hands and prepare to make breakfast. Each young chef will receive their own chef’s hat that will be theirs to take home. While teaching them how to make their first meal, Dianne will also teach food safety and the importance of cleanliness.

Breakfast will consist of two different recipes, such as homemade granola, quiche, French toast, omelets, fruit frappés, and more.

After preparing breakfast, the young chefs will then enjoy eating it.



Kids Can Cook Academy

At approximately 10:00 a.m., the young chefs will go on a ranch tour to meet the animals and find out where their food comes from. They will learn how to milk a goat, gather eggs from nesting boxes, groom, feed, and clean up after goats, sheep, ponies, pigs, deer, wallabies, chickens and ducks.
Kids Can Cook Academy



Kids Can Cook AcademyAfter their ranch tour, around 11:30, the young chefs will return to the Academy Kitchen and wash up. They will plant their own personal herb garden that will be theirs to take home. These little herb gardens planted in egg cartons will be accompanied by instructions on how to grow and care for their herbs.

After planting, the young chefs will then prepare two lunch recipes.  Sample recipes consist of delicious sandwiches, soups, burritos, homemade pizza, meat pies, grilled salmon, veggies, a dessert and so much more. Young chefs can then enjoy eating what they have prepared or they can take it home to share with their family.

Kids Can Cook Academy

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Now taking reservations for young chefs ages 5-17 to participate in one of the greatest experiences ever offered.
Each session has space for 14 young chefs.
$95.00 per child. Parents may stay and watch. Credit cards are accepted.
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Dianne Linderman

Kid Whisperer

Kids Can Cook AcademyDianne Linderman has 45 years of experience working with kids of all ages. Warmly known as, “The Kid Whisperer,” she believes that anyone, especially kids, can learn to cook simple, healthy and delicious recipes. Dianne’s quest is to teach confidence through cooking. Once she introduces her simple, farm to table recipes, kids can begin their adventure in cooking with an understanding of wholesome farm ingredients


Kids Can Cook AcademyA natural born cook, Dianne was concerned she would lose her own creative, authentic identity if she attended a culinary school. Instead, she and her husband, David, took their money and started the very successful Country Cottage Café and Bakery, a restaurant on an organic farm in southern Oregon, featured in Sunset Magazine. There she enhanced her cooking skills by growing and using seasonal vegetables, berries, and fruits to create unbelievably delicious recipes. When you see how simple Dianne’s recipes are, using a few tricks she’s created, you too will want to cook everything from scratch!

Kids Can Cook Academy

Kids Can Cook Cook Books



Dianne Linderman has written four cook books including, Kids Can Cook, a 150-page cook book full of simple, healthy and delicious farm to table recipes. These recipes are the same ones she used at her famous Country Cottage Café and Bakery in Oregon.

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